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The project of Harsia is:

a) the safety investigation of air accidents and serious civil aviation incidents that occur within the Athens Flight Information Area (FIR) as well as outside the Athens FIR, as long as their investigation is not carried out by another state, when it comes to an aircraft of Greek Registry and an aircraft which is operated by a company based in Greece. (Harsia) also represents Greece in investigations conducted by another state in the event of an accident or incident involving a Greek-registered aircraft outside the Athens FIR and

b) The safety investigation of railway accidents and serious incidents that occur within the Greek territory.

Security Investigations

The sole purpose of the investigation is to ascertain the causes that caused the accident or serious incident, with the aim of preventing accidents or incidents and it is not intended to establish fault and assign responsibility or claims.

All accidents or serious incidents that occurred to an aircraft during its flight operation or before and after it are subject to investigation if (Harsia) expects the investigation to new data to improve flight safety. The same applies to the investigation of accidents or serious incidents occurring in gliders and powered gliders, ultralights, hang gliders, motor hang gliders, parachutes and hot air balloons.

(Ν2912/2001 – Άρθρο 4)

Investigations are carried out in accordance with the procedures set out in Annex 13 (Annex 13) of the Chicago Convention, European Regulation 996/2010 and Law 2912/01 as amended and in force.

Harsia, like all investigative committees internationally that operate in accordance with ICAO procedures, issues on an advisory basis Flight Safety Recommendations to the National and International competent bodies, in order to correct weaknesses and deficiencies identified during the investigations or resulting from the global aviation experience.

It also deals with the maintenance and processing of accident and incident statistics on a national and international basis and the monitoring of the implementation of the safety recommendations of the findings.

The final Investigation Reports and Safety Recommendations issued by Harsia are made public.